JoustLaunching 2018

About Us

Our mission is to erode the financial and legal barriers to launching and scaling a small business and free entrepreneurs to focus on growth and innovation.

We fight to unshackle creative minds from the physical workplace, extend banking to the underbanked, and spur socioeconomic growth through collaboration with local financial institutions that serve their communities.

Joust isn’t another banking app for freelancers and entrepreneurs — it’s a business owners' peace of mind. Our proprietary technology eradicates the stress of collecting on invoices by guaranteeing payment when payers default. Additionally, Joust centralizes your business finances with an all-inclusive toolkit that boasts features like incorporation, bank and merchant accounts to accept credit cards and pay bills, and seamless integrations with many popular business tools.

Meet the Original Jousters

The only founding team with the unique expertise to transform conventional banking into a meaningful and gratifying experience, the courage to shield our customers against the unknown, and the wisdom to step aside and let the Joust community lead the way.


Lamine Zarrad

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Inspired by his experience as a refugee and informed by his professional background in banking and finance, Lamine has a passion for using technology to bring services to the unbanked.


Miguel Olivo

Chief Product Officer

A serial entrepreneur and technologist, Miguel brings over a decade of product development and user design experience, as well as a big heart to the Joust platform.


Rita Crague

Head of Compliance and Risk

Rita applies her unique experience as an Intelligence Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency to Joust's data analytics and risk management.


George Kurtyka

Head of Business Development

A business leader with 18 years of experience driving growth at companies like Samsung, PayPal, and Simple, George has a passion for connecting people with technology that improves their way of life.